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Archangel Pendants

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The Archangel Pendants now come in two sizes - large and small. The hand-carved angels consist of a 9ct yellow gold body with 9ct white gold wings, and a central stone at the heart centre, which is pivotal to the intention of each Archangel presence. 

The Story
The Archangel Pendants arrive as an exhilarating result of a lifetime of Transformation and Spiritual Awakening founded on the principles of Alchymie. This unique marriage between Alchymie and the Angelic Realms creates a whole new possibility for all beings. A greater intensity of ‘Radiant Conscious Light’ now entering and shifting the very fabric of this place, aided by the profound embrace of the Angels to support and guide our transition and ultimate translation into the 'God Light'.

Their Esoteric Use
Every Archangel Pendant connects us to a specific Archangel presence, allowing these truly great and graceful Archangels to more fully incarnate on Earth. Wearing one of these wonderful Angel Pendants allows us greater access to all the qualities of each Archangel.

*Designed and handcrafted by our small team of artisan jewellers here in the Byron hinterland on Australia's East Coast. Meticulously made to order especially for you, with great care and attention to detail.

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Archangel Michael

Michael is the Angel of courage, strength and protection and he will stand by your side with his mighty sword and shield, ready to protect you. Michael means “who is like God”. In the New Testament Michael leads God’s armies against Satan’s forces in the Book of Revelation, where during the war in heaven he defeats Satan. Michael is considered a “prince of the first rank of Angels”.  (Words associated with Michael –  truth, courage, strength, success and faith.)

When Archangel Michael combined with the Alchymie during the process of creation, a Divine Vision was given…

In the vision Michael can appear as an actualised form. It can be felt as a huge entity; so it has depth and height and volume. It is felt as a pure white light; as a Bliss Current. It is felt and known as an overwhelming force that gives strength, gives absolute one pointedness, gives courage, gives Divine gnosis, protection – uncompromising force of the Divine – it is not to be messed with in an ordinary sense, as there is no compromise with it;  the intensity of Michael.

Its volume is infinite, and yet it has a centering.  The heart is felt as perfect submission, perfect alignment, perfect intuitive gnosis, perfect love. The tools are held with the strength of the sword and the force of a million horses riding forward – but then it has no forward or backward, it is just already infinite in its play. It doesn’t appear to be feminine or masculine; it doesn’t feel androgynous, it feels ‘Only God’.

There is a direction of command, there is a direction of ‘it will be dealt with, it’s already dealt with,’ there is no doubt. Doubt dissolves, form dissolves. Perfect submission allows the incarnating force to overwhelm the body-mind. Appearing  to command the Angelic realms in a way that if Michael wasn’t interested, no one else would be interested; that’s how it feels. Its almost as if he’s the contact to the Angelic realms. If his presence is available and his willingness is available, then he allows that doorway of other possibility.

But all of it brings us to the dissolution, and the dissolution, of Cosmic Nature altogether. So really, it brings you into Eternal life, but with a force that allows you to be presently alive. The invocation is allowing one to pass through the death of separative self into the submission of Only God.

Archangel Michael features a dark blue sapphire central stone.

Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel is the exalted messenger of God, whose name means “The Strength of God”. Gabriel’s role is as a communicator and mediator between Heaven and Earth. (Words associated with this Archangel are protection, intuition, clarity and discipline.)

When Archangel Gabriel combined with the Alchymie during the process of creation, a Divine Vision was given…

In the vision there is a temple doorway appearing in the right ear, the ear becomes a passage, a volumetric depth that opens forward and upward, to the right. In that atunement, the vibratory sound appears. It is opening the hearing – clairaudience. There is also the feeling of the Presence whole bodily,  in which you are held, but definitely there is this  opening of the doorway  to the Angelic Realm, and what I’m hearing is the sound of Angels; choirs of current – so it’s not music, it’s a cacophony of volumetric sound and vibratory current, and it is the Other World.

Invoking Archangel Gabriel is allowing the immersion into the vibratory current of Divine Sound. In the sound, there is a hearing, and there is an awakening to the structure of the body mind and its old circuitry. The structure of the body mind is being reopened to allow that inherent dispositon of what every human soul has the capacity for, but has not been realised en masse on this earth plane. So this cacophony of sound, of volumetric sound, is really an opening of the brain-mind to allow its circuitry to be that much more enlivened in the enlightened current, above the head.

With the invocation of this current of energy, feeling the volume of that, the Hermes Invisible Pyramid appears.  Within this pyramid, this temple, true wisdom and understanding is instructed, and this instruction is the Higher School of Learning. It has the feeling of the Temple of the Akashic Records. So we have this instruction, which is silent, but so much is spoken. It is an infinite language of Real Awakening and Real Understanding, but without the gnosis of the lower vibratory speech. The knowing is being reawakened. As the emergence continues, the capacity to speak the truth would be synchronistic with this immersion.  So what is able to be intuited is the right words, the right communication, the right disposition in which to instruct, heal, discuss. One is lifted beyond the garble and dross of ordinary life and lifted into the exquisite communion and exquisite communication of Only God. May It Be So.

Archangel Gabriel features a citrine central stone.

Archangel Raphael

Archangel Raphael is the supreme healer in the angelic realm and his chief role is to support, heal, and guide in matters involving health. Raphael means “God heals” or “He who heals”.

Archangel Raphael is the supreme healer in the angelic realm and his chief role is to support, heal, and guide in matters involving health. Raphael means “God heals” or “He who heals”. In Catholicism, he is Saint Raphael, the patron of healing and physicals. (Words associated with this Archangel are healing, communication, knowledge and vision.)

When Archangel Raphael combined with the Alchymie during the process of creation, a Divine Vision was given…

In the vision, this current is felt as the body, coming through a doorway. It is entering with a purpose, but as it is coming through, (and it seems slower in its presentation than other energies), there appears to be a process of invocation that each person needs to sit and allow –  a momentary initiation into the presence of this one or that one.

The Holy Spirit appears, and it is a definite current entering the form; the form is being revealed as a temple, which is volumetric in current, allowing the Divine to enter this Earth plane.  As the Holy Spirit enters from above, literally, directly above, descending down, it is as though from inside out, the body is brought to volume. In the volume, the strengthening of the walls of the temple, the strengthening of the passages, allows the Divine conductivity and emergence into this earth plane. The temple, with all of the intricacies of its structures representing the body, is being given support.  It is as though, rusty in its circuitry, with windows falling down and bricks not quite as stable,  a whole resurgence of the form, from the inside out, is being rectified. The process of the placing of all of its pieces, not only aligning it, but strengthening it, and reasserting it, appears as a continuum. It doesn’t just happen, it is a continual force of current that is literally at a cellular, felt level. Definitely a reconstruction, a re-emergence, a reconfiguration, a realignment, a re-invigoration. The felt current of the temple is huge, it is not just a little space, it is much bigger than the human form. It takes on the Temple of Man or A-Cosmic man,  the enlightened form, and  it is truly the conversion of the bodily form from the chemistry of stress to the chemistry of enlightenment. The resurrection of the whole body, to be able to stand in this world but not of it, and  to be in this world, truly alive as a Current of Divine Presence, whole bodily, which is enlightenment of the whole body.

Archangel Raphael features an emerald central stone.

Archangel Uriel

The name Uriel literally means ‘Fire of God’, ‘Flame of God’, ‘Light of God’, or even ‘Sun of God’. The Archangel Uriel has been called “the Lord of powerful action”. Uriel personifies the Divine Fire that comes down from the Third Aspect of Deity–Universal Mind–penetrating each plane until it reaches the physical. Uriel is often referred to as the Great Archangel of the Earth. (Words associated with this Archangel are action, penetration, strength, purification and justice)

When Archangel Uriel combined with the Alchymie during the process of creation, a Divine Vision was given…

In the vision a totem energy is revealed, the Totemic Coat of Arms. There is a current about this energy that is revealing, lifetime after lifetime, after lifetime, after lifetime, that there is a point to it all. There is a lineage, or coat of arms within each being, within each soul, held within the DNA. There is a particular strand which holds a particular coat of arms, of which you are put on a passage; where you are given to walk the lessons of that particular destiny. The particular strand, or coat of arms, has been a lineage that we are passing through, is dissolved or learnt through that particular passage. The particular line that you are going to go through, is already ordained within the DNA; the fixity of the born condition.

The only liberation is submission to the process of dissolving your karmic bondage, which has been the cause of lifetimes of suffering. The intervention of the Divine alchymie, is to bring the dissolution of this lineage, or this coat of arms that has been held within the patterning, or the particular lessons required, held within the particular strand of DNA. Until you get the lesson, until you get the submission to what you are here to be undone from, you are not going to know perfect freedom.

So, there is work that is an archeological site held within our form, which is, of course, why we do the Alchymie of present and past life. Because it is actually inherent within this energy, that the only way through the dissolution of all of that destiny and karma held within the DNA, has to be literally worked on, dissolved and ultimately outshone. This particular energy is going to hold you to it, you are not going to get out of it, you are going to have to go through the process until you learn the lesson of life. But the depth of that, seems to be much greater with this energy, so the depth of feeling deeply into the Coat of Arms is actually very deeply placed within the DNA. It is appearing as the spinal column at the same time, but somehow there is a fire, or a force, that is sitting at the base. It looks like an alchymeic fire that is literally about “this work will be done, and there is no way through until this fire consumes us, or burns through anything that still remains untransformed”.

It is an uncompromising fire of transformation and transmutation. The lesson of life is that there is no way through except to have it be done, through the fire; the heat of transformation.  It is a pretty big energy, Archangel Uriel, that is about transmuting, transforming and alchymising. It will be done on Earth and you will get through to the ‘As Above So Below’ through the Fire of Transformation.

Archangel Uriel features a ruby central stone.

Archangel Azrael

Azrael is the “Archangel of Death”. He is also the “Angel of retribution”. Azrael is a powerful Angel who teaches you about truth and illusion, life and death, to bring strength of soul and help to transcend your fears. Azrael is also an extremely loving and gentle being, who offers assistance to souls through the death process, making their transition back into the spiritual world from the physical. (Words associated with this Archangel are truth, understanding, insight and strength)

When Archangel Azrael combined with the Alchymie during the process of creation, a Divine Vision was given.

In the vision there appears to be a cosmic flower above the head. The flower itself a bud and as it is held it reveals itself to actually be a door, that as one ascends, it opens and spreads out. A flower that blooms as the ascension process begins. The one who is ascending has gone into the black;  lifeless, without light, so the form itself has become void of life. The form has already died, and as this ascension begins, its journey and the flower, which is above the head, begins to Awaken. The body itself begins this ascending process through the flower. The flower is intrinsic as a current of Radiance, that literally incinerates, and strips mortal identification at such a force, that the ascension process appears as though the body is being moved through a laser machine of current.

As the ascension continues, the body comes through this flower intensity –  the head goes first, then the whole body. It appears very fast, but in its initiatory force, the body becomes enlightened on the other side. The stripping off of mortal identification happens very quickly, and ascension is going to happen, whether one is ready or not. It is going to happen, because it has nothing to do with your readiness; it is a mechanism that is already much greater, much more inclusive in the whole of cosmic nature, and much more inclusive in the entirety of the cosmic domain. There is nothing you can do about it. So learning to relax, learning to trust, learning to let go, even though this is a process we all must practice whilst alive – ultimately the speed at which identification, differentiation & desiring is dissolved, is beyond effort. It is effortless, there is nothing you, as a separate one, can do – it will already be done. So in this process of ascension, there is a depth of eternal surrender and support. It is already ordained, it is already occurring, it is already beyond any notion that at a human level, you can put a thought to  – or a mind to it.

So, nothing is appearing in the form of an Archangel to be witnessed as a form, it literally is a process.  Archangel Azrael appears to be a ‘process’, but in that process of eternal wisdom and help, it is all already ordained. There is nothing you can do, to add to this moment.  There is nothing you can do to prevent this moment. There is nothing you can do about any of it because you don’t even exist, it literally is God’s business. It is a reckoning. It is literally a passage through Conscious Awakening. Identification to the bodily form is irrelevant. The body and its identification is insignificant; it appears as nothing. But there is an intense Presence and intense Force of pure Light, that is, in and of itself, a felt Current of Gnosis, a felt current of purpose, a felt current of Eternal Domain.

Archangel Azrael features an almondine garnet central stone.

Archangel Ariel

Ariel is known as the Angel Of Nature and protects and healing animals and nature. Ariel also care of the Earth  and elements. Archangel Ariel’s name means, ‘The Lioness of God’. Ariel gives us courage and energy to take steps towards all that we have to deal with. Ariel helps us reconnect with mother earth and with the magic of nature.

When Archangel Ariel combined with the Alchymie during the process of creation, a Divine Vision was given…

Alchymeic Divine Vision:

In the vision, the Divine form is seen standing in a benevolent current emanating Radiance. This allows a direct passage to the Divine Realm. Its form stands with the Blessing current, in the Heart of Love with the arms extended and the tears of the Divine felt as the wound of love. Within this extended Radiance are the circles that are the Blessing current, that touch the hearts of all and this can be felt as God communion. This is very much a devotional current, in the remembrance and the awakening to the love of God. The Radiance continues as a felt holding, a protection, a blessing, and as a heartbreak, as a wound, as love, as a remembrance, as an ignition of the right side of the heart – the intuitive gnosis and a reawakening to the Love-Bliss of Divine communion. The circles of Radiance expand so that the volume of its current continues to extend. It is the invocation that is required, the yielding that is required, to invite such a blessing. Humility and heart are given to be felt and known as the wonder, and the deliciousness of what is real nourishment, what is real alignment, whilst alive. Everything else seems insignificant. Nothing else could be this distracting; this is perfect distraction in the Radiance of Only God.

Archangel Ariel features a pink tourmaline central stone.

Archangel Metatron

Metatron is known as the “Angel of life”. His heavenly function is to supervise the recording of all our deeds in the Book of Life (which is also known as the Akashic record). People sometimes ask for Metatron’s help to discover their personal spiritual power and learn how to use it to make the world a better place. Metatron is also known as the first and last of the Archangels and is often called the King of the Angels. (Words associated with this Archangel are knowledge, wisdom, guidance and spiritual power.)

When Archangel Metatron combined with the Alchymie during the process of creation, a Divine Vision was given…

In the vision, a force of current appears, standing above and beyond the mind as an angelic shape, with the circle around the head and the extended wings. This angelic form appears as a doorway, allowing a direct line of radiance to come forth as a literal passage. This passage is the path of enlightenment, or infinite return, and with it comes a very strong sense of purpose, intention and uncompromising force, moving forwards and upwards to the radiance of the Divine Star. Around the Divine Star appear circles in the shape of a heart that could be likened to the shape of wings, radiating out into the shape of the angelic form. Again it is beckoning the doorway, beckoning the direction, it is clarifying the bright of conscious mind.

Where the light is all pervading, it is literally interactive with the higher mind, which is beyond the brain from the muscular point of view, and at the same time the brain itself is being lifted to that infinite space. This profusion, this entry of radiance, is feeling as though the brain mind itself is being enlightened, healed deeply with a current that is sustaining and nourishing. It is a deep force of penetration at the same time, working to allow the upper conscious form of the brain mind to exist. The higher mind, that bigger shape of the brain is obvious through this current, and in that  immersion, all of the intelligence of the enlightened wisdom and the gnosis of Divine Understanding becomes part of what and who you are as you are combined with this current. The wisdom, understanding and knowledge becomes your own  integrated space.

As one surrenders to allow this immersion, that intelligence or Divine Understanding, is simply provided. There is nothing you have to do, there is nothing you can do. It is simply a combining with, or an immersion in, and the work is already done. So the alchymie of this transformation is definitely the alchymie of the awakened state. One’s life and one’s choices are given real inspection. So your choices can lead you into a karmic matter, or your choices can lead you into a  purification of karmic desiring. The road map of your choices are going to be revealed to you, and of course, the consequences. So a choice made in mere desiring will have consequences – these road maps are finding our way through the journey of the school of learning, which is the born condition. This energy will be significant in helping people make real choices, and understanding that in making real choices one is walking out of karmic existence and awakening beyond the destiny of mortal form.

Archangel Metatron features a rhodolite garnet central stone.

Archangel Sandalphon

Sandalphon is known as the “Angel of music”, as well as an “Angel of prayer”. Archangel Sandalphon is the ruling Angel and Protector of Earth and a Master of music.

He rules over music in heaven. Sandalphon is guardian for the maintenance of the physical life and vitality and can assist people to learn how to use their talents. (Words associated with this Archangel are music, creativity, prayer, inspiration and beauty.)

When Archangel Sandalphon combined with the Alchymie during the process of creation, a Divine Vision was given…

In the vision, the human form is being worked on, in an almost upright, but slightly backwards position, with the hands held in front, in prayer position over the heart. The brain is being given a current like sound waves, moving through the brain and the higher mind, in waves.  As it is waving its way through the brain, the higher mind, the submission into this exalted position allows for this deep healing. A deep healing wave motion, as though being plugged in, being attuned to the wave motion of the Infinite Current; the Spire of Sound and Light.

So this process of the body, going through this is attuning, is to bring a bigger vibrational current and wave motion that is heavenly, whilst in the body. ‘As Above, So Below’ made manifest through this wave motion of current. The waves are moving, restoring this oneness of current that is circular, infinite, heavenly, but almost worldly. It is spinning the current of the world at the same time. So the whole earth plane is somehow being attuned to this vibration of movement, waves, but it is an enfolding over the whole of the Earth. The body is suspended backwards over the entire earth. The head is in the North Pole the body is in the South Pole. The Earth and its movement and spin, is being held in this wave motion, and as we move in this current, that is circular, this light has a specific energy.

As the submission continues, it is a vibratory current that is far,far higher. The shrill of Divine Sound is the motion and the waves, but at first you can’t hear it because you’re not attuned to that pitch or that sound, but the sound is seen as waves moving in this circular current. Holding the body, the whole Earth, is a sound that is so Infinite and so exquisite that the ordinary brain-mind isn’t attuned to receive it. As it begins to immerse, more and more profoundly, the Earth is being Blessed in this Current, and its rotation, and its movement.  There is a washing of frequency, of this fission of energy,  a splitting of the molecules and atoms of solidity into Divine Light. As the whole body is immersed in this movement and current,  the sound is extraordinary –  these exquisite shapes and geometries are the very fabric of what is holding the earth plane together. Out of that comes the manifestation, comes the Current of actualisation-  the very fabric,  the sound of Light. Its intricacies, its geometries, is exquisite form, is way, way, way beyond the dross of ordinary existence.

So it is the Ring, the Alchymeic Ring that holds the Earth plane together – the Divine Gift and very fabric of existence – held within the very structure of this Earth plane – everything on it, every being, thing, mineral. So in the submission, one is brought to the surrender to allow exquisite sharpness, exquisite form, exquisite sound to be heard and understood and immersed in. May It Be So.

Archangel Sandalphon features an aquamarine central stone.

Archangel Chamuel

Means one who sees God. Archangel Chamuel is known as the angel of peaceful relationships. Archangel Chamuel embodies the decree: “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy soul, and with all thy spirit.” Chamuel channels Divine love. People sometimes ask for Chamuel’s help to discover inner peace, resolve conflicts with others, release negative emotions or to forgive people who have hurt or offended them. (Words that this Archangel is associated with are love, pleasure, creativity, tenderness and compassion).

When Archangel Chamuel combined with the Alchymie during the process of creation, a Divine Vision was given…

In the vision, a celestial sky begins to appear with a breaking that allows part of the sky, or the celestial heaven, to be brought to you and  to cover you in Celestial Dew. In order to take away the differential of heaven and earth, in order to dissolve the aberration of  ‘As Above, So Below’, in order to allow the non-difference to be realised on the earth plane, this energy,Archangel Chamuel, is taking part of the celestial heaven, wrapping it around our form,  so that we are embraced in the Divine Radiance and Gnosis.

This is to show us that meditation on the low, dissolves in the Radiant embrace of the Divine, to reveal that there is no difference, and it dissolves all the lifetimes of feeling alone and feeling the wound of separation. The embrace of the Divine allows the body to heal from its delusion, of which identification has brought lifetimes of suffering.  There is this overwhelming feeling of compassion to the soul that has suffered, even though the soul that has suffered has totally forgotten that it was unnecessary. This compassion; to have the overwhelming embrace go through the emotional depth of woundedness, to have the woundedness dissolved in place. So it enters the wound to dissolve it, rather than demand the awakening. It is not going to give up the embrace until the wound is outshone, by penetrating it, going into it, embracing it so deeply, that no doubt of embrace of the Divine is left unturned – until ultimate dissolution and submission and surrender comes from the ache of the wound of the heart. And the wound of doubt, the wound of sorrow, and the emotional loss and all of that, seems to be appearing around that hole in the heart centre; remembering that the Divine enters through the right side of the heart. That hole, in the right side of the heart, is where it is being totally and utterly brought to the depth of that Divine Intuition.  So all the rest of it, all the layering and layering and layering of woundedness is being brought to that ultimate point. An embrace that is so weighty; but the weight is not going to give up until all is dissolved in the intuition on the right side of the heart. There is no end to the weight of the embrace, it will not end until the dissolution of all woundedness. May It Be So.

Archangel Chamuel features a pink sapphire central stone.

Archangel Raguel

Raguel is referred to as the archangel of justice, fairness, harmony, and vengeance. In the Book of Enoch Raguel is one of the seven archangels whose function is to take vengeance on the world of the luminaries who have transgressed God’s laws. Raguel brings a course of fire which persecutes all the fallen luminaries. Raguel watches over other angels to make sure they are working well together with mortals in a harmonious and orderly fashion according to Divine order and will. (Words associated with this Archangel are justice, harmony, fairness and order.)

When Archangel Raguel combined with the Alchymie during the process of creation, a Divine Vision was given…

In the vision, there is a definite correlation between this energy and structures of light in the ‘Above’ realm. A literal focussing of light and light forms above, holding them in place. What can be seen is an oscillation of currents, that are kept within a particular diameter of oscillation, so that they are not spun off. If you consider that everything is Light, and everything is mathematical, as the sacred geometries, then you are seeing that there is an overall body that is holding the oscillation of all the Radiance of Light specific to this Divine description of how Light will be defined and radiated. So this Archangel seems to be that which holds the specific direction and current of Radiance so that it does not destabilise, keeping it within Divine Law, within Divine oscillation,  within Divine Gnosis of what is required ‘As Above’, to allow that reflection ‘Below’.

With this immersion into the current ‘As Above’, there is direction for it then to appear, ‘So Below’. That direction is accountable. It appears to be directed and acknowledged as a held, specifically intentionalised current. The overall mechanics of Divine Law are revealing the reflection within the lower fractaliser to the earth plane – ‘As Above, So Below’. Within that direction below, there is again, a particular radiance and a particular oscillation, and a particular shape, that reflection appears, as. This energy is guiding that reflection to keep it perfectly attuned to Divine Law or Divine Intention. Because there are specific outcomes that are required within Divine Law, there is nothing that can go past that, everything is made accountable to that Law. Something that is hitting up against it will be knocked backwards.  Something not seeing it, will be woken up. Someone not being responsible, will be forced into responsibility. The smacks are being given and somehow this is intrinsic in the structure of this current. There is no way out except for the human form to awaken  to the acknowledgement of their own actions. If you go blindfolded into these inherent currents, you just smack up against them. If you smack up against them, you are woken up, or you are going to suffer the consequences. If you smack up against it too hard, then you have to be broken open;  you are made accountable, you are woken up.

It is a definite patterning of Divine energy that is intentionalised to wake up mortal souls from the sleep of their dreaming.  Divine Grace entering and directly felt, as a ‘waking up’ tool. If it is time to wake up, this is the tool! If it is time to give a Divine Gnosis to outcomes, this is the tool. If you have had enough of dreaming, this is the tool.  It is bringing everything into its perfect smithereening of the un-illumined state.  So Be It.

Archangel Raguel features a Ceylon sapphire central stone.

Archangel Haniel

Haniel’s name means “Grace of God” and this presence helps us to return to our True State of Being. Haniel’s energy helps us to realign with our True and Natural State of Grace and to return to the Integrity of our Divine-Self. Associated with the planet and energy of Venus. (Words associated with this Archangel are truth, beauty, integrity and grace.)

When Archangel Haniel combined with the Alchymie during the process of creation, a Divine Vision was given…

In the vision the upper and lower fractalisers appear – the inverted upper fractaliser resting its point on the lower fractaliser.  ‘As Above, So Below’. There are droplets, like rain, coming from the upper fractaliser, falling to the lower fractaliser, the raining current of Divine grace and that blessing. The heart is appearing in the shape of a heart in the upper fractaliser, resting on the capstone, and with that, is the penetration of the lower fractaliser. Where these two points meet, the points of as ‘As Above So Below’, ‘as in heaven so on earth’, at that point this current is being opened in the shape of a heart, and with this, the current of love is pouring through. It literally hits the heart centre, with the love-bliss pouring through as a heart current, at the point where ‘As Above So Below’ enters. As this current intensifies and is witnessed, this filling of the lower fractaliser, (which of course is the earth plane or the body), is being filled with this deliciousness of Radiant current that is Love – Love Bliss.

In the filling of the vehicle, in the filling of the earth plane, the gnosis and remembrance and nourishment and embrace of Love is obvious. This enfolding, this nourishment dissolves all forgetting, dissolves all attachment to anything less. Haniel reminds us of  the wonder and bliss, and eternal gnosis of this held embrace. To be surrounded, to be embraced, to be acknowledged in the dissolution of love, everything eternal is remembered. Everything less than that is dissolved. It is an incredible feeling of stillness, of already being sustained.  No seeking in the heart, no dilemma in the mind, everything brought to peace. No needing to move up, down, out, simply being. No need to seek eternal wisdom, no need to seek  earthly fulfilment. This perfect presence, this perfect embrace is the freedom of Love and the capacity to be Love. There’s a definite sense of being whole bodily present as Love, being present to the world as Love, being the conduit, being an agency of Love. Not needing to add or subtract, not needing to go anywhere. No seeking eternal life, no movement high or low. There is a softness that also brings a forward movement, so the guidance of this current appears that we are to do a thing for man, and that is, to walk forward on the earth plane as the current of Love itself. May It Be So.

Archangel Haniel features a blue topaz central stone.

Archangel Raziel

Raziel is the “Keeper of Secrets” and the “Angel of Mysteries” – the keeper of the supreme knowledge of the soul. Raziel is often depicted bringing light into darkness, which symbolizes his work bringing the light of understanding into the darkness of people’s confusion. (Words associated with this Archangel are understanding, revelation, clarity, faith and trust.)

When Archangel Raziel combined with the Alchymie during the process of creation, a Divine Vision was given…

In the vision, a lightness of being is felt as the upper fractaliser or upper pyramid of current –  very much to do with the fractal of Light and the lines of the sacred geometrical shape and form. There is a splintering of Light that is this wondrous, felt current, as it infinitely spirals down into manifestation. A spiralling current of radiance and Light that literally is a feeling current of love-bliss, or tingling all over the body-mind. It is energising, it is exquisite form, exquisite Consciousness. It is enlightening. It gives the bigger space. It allows one to feel the enlightenment of the entire body-mind. There is a feeling of a diamond above the head, higher mind in exquisite form, an empowerment of the upper coil allowing the brain to be ignited with the initiatory current of higher cosmic mind. All of the layers of the current above the head with this ignition allow  the enlightened brain-mind to know no bounds, and to be abiding in the Infinite current of the enlightened state. So there is literally the presentation of Divine Light fractalising into the  present whole bodily form – the manifestation  of  ‘As Above, So Below’. The manifestation of God Light and manifestation of the space for the God light to be realised and held whole bodily, is significantly obvious within this current. It is a feeling of freedom within the body, it is a great relief within the form, as if the pressures of existence are lifted away. Being held within the Hermes Invisible Pyramid of Light allows the form to be, without the pressure of all of the earth plane and its untransformed states. It is the manifestation of Light into the reality of the earth plane. This energy is definitely to be used for manifestation, a tool to allow the true manifestation of all that is  required –   ‘As Above, So Below.’ A very supportive wondrous gift to hold the physical form in the present realisation of the state of this earth plane. So Be It. 

Archangel Raziel features a diamond central stone.

Archangel Jeremiel

Jeremiel’s name means “mercy of God”. Jeremiel is known as the angel of hopeful visions and dreams and overcoming difficulties. He communicates hopeful messages to people who are discouraged or troubled. Jeremiel’s message is “The challenges you’ve faced have made you stronger and have taught you lessons. Instead of becoming bitter open your heart with compassion towards people in similar situations.” (Words associated with this Archangel are mercy, compassion, hope and understanding.)

When Archangel Jeremiel combined with the Alchymie during the process of creation, a Divine Vision was given…

In the vision, the Holy Spirit entered on the right side of the heart chakra and then the Pharaonic cross appeared – the symbolism of awakening to suffer the cross of one’s existence.  This energy is revealing that there is no way through the process of existence without learning to submit to the cross of one’s yielding, and with the recognition of the ordeal of what must be submitted. The Infinite Current of Light is behind the doorway, shown on the right side of the heart, but in order to pass through the doorway, the cross must be allowed.  So the cross of one’s existence, is really, submitting to the process that this is a ‘school of learning’. There are lessons, there are choices. You can go on and on and on, but until you get this, until you get the lesson of life, you are not going to pass through the doorway. This energy is about helping, or instructing, the process of learning the lesson of life. Everything about it will be bringing you to the alignment of that walk. Bringing everything into the appropriate use of existence whilst in it, that you may be aligned to the walk of true submission and allow the passage then into Eternal Life. But until such time, until the death of ‘separative self’ is allowed, until you are forced into submission, that awakened state will not occur.

Jeremiel is a fairly uncompromising force, but at the same time, a force that is actually assisting, or helping us understand the process of living. When you are brought into alignment – there is an understanding that the lessons you are given, are for your own growth and understanding, and awakening –  and that truly, the hard school is what it is all about. Until we come to that recognition, until we understand those lessons and stop blaming anyone or anything outside the self, and submit to a process of true learning and inspection, understanding and awakening, then that awakened state will not occur. Holding this energy will give you the capacity to see that there is a way through, it will help you to align to the process and realise that submission is your first form of Grace.

It assists the process, so its not like you are going to be forced, without help – this is actually the tool that is helping you through the process of learning submission, and that Grace is operative, and that this is your tool to assist you in the walk. So Be It.

Archangel Jeremial features a dark amethyst central stone.

Archangel Jophiel

Jophiel is known as the “Angel of beauty”. Jophiel is here to assist us in seeing the beauty that surrounds us, and is also within us and each other. This Archangel is here to serve as inspiration and to help us see the best in everything. Ask Jophiel to help you see the godliness in all things, including and especially yourselves. (Words associated with this Archangel are joy, wisdom, insight, inspiration and intuition.)

When Archangel Jophiel combined with the Alchymie during the process of creation, a Divine Vision was given…

In the vision, the Infinite Divine Ring, the ring which is symbolique of the Divine Marriage, appears over the whole of the form as a circular current, and abides around the heart centre, with a diamond in front. The Ring is always the appearance of that Divine exquisite communion. It appears now around the entire bodily form. This form has dissolved into its layers, lots of layers of what we would call auras, going out from the inner egg, getting bigger and bigger and bigger eggs, and then the Ring, being right around all of that. There is a lot of colour in this, the colour of auras is showing up, a spectrum of colour, with the white diamond in front. There is a depth of beauty in the colour, because the colours are exquisite, and the actual form is only energy. So there is nothing solid about any of it, it is all only energy, and the current of this, and the diamond in front, being placed on the heart chakra, is actually radiating a force that brings a radiance through, to make everything only energy, only beauty, only exquisite.

The placement of the diamond literally explodes identification to the solidity of the form and there is just this radiant light, going right through the form, and the form takes on an energy glow or radiance rather than anything solid. So there is this radiant intensification of light, radiant force. It is a felt force, it is a strength, it is pushing through, radiating out and creating a strengthening of the current right around the form, making the form realised as a much bigger structure than any limited separation. There is an individuation, a Radiance, a layering of colour, an explosion of light; a radiant beauty of current, that is obvious in this holding, and that volume gives form, shape and Radiance. There is nothing limited by this, there is nothing linear, it is definitely volumetric, it is definitely without edges; held within an egg shape.

It is a very useful thing to understand, that the submission whole bodily has a sheath of layering that holds its integrity. So it isn’t exploded out to nothing, which is an easy path to go on. Somehow this gives you the integrity of form, gives you the sheathing of the form, gives you an individuation of form, so that it actually strengthens the egg of enlightenment, that this particular human form represents. Each one then has an individuation, has its own radiance, has its own glow, but is held within the integrity of what this current is holding. There is a re-establishment of the integrity of form that is formless, in other words, without structure. Radiance Only. There is a Divine play in that; it’s a juxtaposition to be talking like that, because Radiance seems formless, but it actually has form. So, we are held within the egg and held within the integrity of the Ring, and the diamond, being the heart of Divine Radiance. Very beautiful, very wonderful, very renewing, very strengthening in understanding. Understanding the wisdom of how to be whole body enlightened, whilst alive.

Archangel Jophiel features a yellow sapphire central stone.

Archangel Zadkiel

‘Righteousness of God’ – Zadkiel is the Archangel of freedom, benevolence, mercy, and the Patron Angel of all who forgive. As an angel of mercy Zadkiel helps people to see and understand when they’ve done something wrong, encouraging them to take responsibility for their actions and to have the courage to right them. (Words associated with this Archangel are forgiveness, mercy, compassion, cleansing and freedom.)

In the Alchymie of creation, a Divine Vision Appeared…

The first vision is that there is a reaching up with the hands from below, and in that gesture the hands are being held out and receiving a tool, and the tool that is being given is in the shape of an octahedron, or the seed of mineral life. There is an ear to hear, as though you are having direct contact with a current of listening, so that what is spoken is being heard. An ear or attention of hearing to the words as one reaches up, the vision is that one is on bended knee with the hands raised forward and upward, almost like a Divine confessional. A definite ear of hearing, the purpose of it is a definite confession, being able to speak and be heard, with the weight of what appears to be on the one that is asking for this acknowledgement or this forgiveness. In the confession, all is heard, all is being transmuted because the hands are being given the tool of transmutation, and as you are held in this transmuting current, whatever is being heard is literally being dissolved. There is somewhat of a feeling of sorrow, the current of the confession has weight around the emotional centre, sorrowful but repentant. A seeing of one’s need to be confessed, to be heard, to be dissolved of what appears to be unfinished or unrelinquished  or untransmuted angst within the heart centre.

The vision of a temple, literally holding the Temple of Man. Truly, in the relinquishment or the acknowledgement of this dissolution of what needs to be released, one is invited into the Temple of Man. One is born into the freedom from what is arising and the dissolution of what is arising to be able to stand in the temple of understanding, the temple of wisdom.

There appears to be the invocation for salvation, the depth of needing to be confessed seems to have with it the passage of lifetimes. It is to do with the Awakened Heart. The dissolution of limitation of what needs to be confessed to allow that Awakened Heart to actually be realised. The one who is being confessed does not realise that there is actually salvation and liberation from all this weight of lifetimes of sorrow, of remorse, of a dedication to the struggle of existence. The invocation of this Archangel Zadkiel is showing one that there is release and salvation possible from this long suffering journey. The person is being lifted through, so that in standing in the temple, can now look back at it all and the journey of lifetimes, from a different point of view altogether, released from the suffering of all identification, differentiation and the belief of mortal structure. All of that leaves in its wake – numerous matters that need to be amended. You are brought to an awakened state so that you can look back and realise that the suffering of trying to make all of that right, is not really possible from that point of view. You can only be brought to salvation; look back and forgive all of it, and realise all of it is suffering, and all of it is part of the journey of having forgotten the true disposition of the Awakened state.

Archangel Zadkiel features a light amethyst central stone.

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