Receiving the 'energy' of the Jewellery

To allow the Energy to support you at a deeper level, simply hold your piece of Jewellery and take a few deep breaths. These esoteric energies are about 'feeling', thus they invite us back into our deeper intuitive connection with our 'true-self'.

You may also receive the energy of your Jewellery by gently tapping it to the outside of a glass of water. This imbues the water with the Energy which you can then receive by drinking three sips. Sit quietly, close your eyes and take a moment to breathe, again, allowing yourself to come back into ‘feeling’. 

Over time as you engage your esoteric Jewellery, each person will develop a deeply personal relationship with each piece as part of your own ongoing journey of self-discovery.

The Jewellery is designed to be worn often. Each one holds a specific intention to transform and shift our energy, thus allowing a new and enlivened response to each other and the world at large. The energy of the jewellery can be used to purify the daily psychic ‘baggage’, the accumulated buildup of energy that we inadvertently take on through our everyday living and working.

As water holds memory, when you drink water that has been 'empowered' by tapping the jewellery to a class of water. The energies have a marked effect that can often be felt immediately. The typical response is an initial energy that temporarily appears to disappear and return within a minute or so, building to greater intensity. This apparent disappearance is because the energy has gone beyond the sensory threshold.

To 'formally' receive the Energy of the Jewellery:

Find a quiet place to sit.

Take some deep breaths and allow yourself to relax and come to rest.

Tap a glass of water with your particular piece. This imbues or charges the water with the energy.

Hold the piece with your fingers while receiving three sips of the imbued water.

You may find that closing your eyes helps you to relax and focus on receiving the Energy.

Breathe fully and deeply.

With every in-breath, receive the fullness of Infinite Light, with every out breath, release into the Mystery of Existence… relax and let go.

Allow the Energy to permeate through your entire form, toe to crown.

Allow all distractions or thoughts to subside and dissolve with every breath.

Continue to relax and allow yourself to feel the movement of energy through your being.

The same piece of Jewellery may feel quite different when it is engaged over time, so don’t always expect the same response. As we grow and change with the variation of energetics and circumstances (even daily) the response we receive from engaging the Jewellery can alter as different levels within our multi-dimensional being are touched and transformed.