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Life changing

I have barely taken it off since I got it a year ago. Having this piece has been an ongoing purification and attunement to Truth and living from the higher heart.


I love it

Vajra - Female
A Spiritual Blessing for Balance and Renewal

In this mystery, I have found that the Vajra pendant and I become one immediately. At the beginning, the Vajra pendant cut all the negative energy cords in my lower chakras. As the days progressed, the diamond merged with my third eye chakra. Then I connected with my primary angel guide. As the months pass, my heart chakra and crown chakra are growing and expanding.

Red Lion Pendant
Natalie Torres
Immediate peace and grounding

After putting it on and drinking it, the brain fog and anxiety I was dealing with for the last 3 weeks subsided. I was immediately back in my body and able to think clearly. An answered prayer!

The red lion pendant

When I received the red lion pendant and combined with the energy of it, I could feel a strength and radiance throughout my auric field, and personal space, a dissolving of any intrusive or encroaching energetics, with out any effort, just a feeling of ease and strength, from the feet up. It was a sense of personal power and happy radiance. I hold it and drink it’s energy to remind me of the simple enjoyment In being bodily present, grounded, at ease, balanced, with a radiant, strong field.

Maha Pendant
Dawn Crystal

I feel when i wear it that it Brings my body, mind * spirit in complete Balance & harmony!
Love it!
Hawaii, USA

Great Ship of Waves
Mobius Barnaby
My new favourite...

This new Energy has really helped me at many levels. Every time I sit and feel into it I just get waves and waves of energy rippling through my whole body, relaxing me and helping me let go. But the most powerful place I feel it is in my heart centre, opening, clearing and calming. It feels like that feeling when you read a love letter, like someone really close to you calling you home...

The Ring of Veils is an absolute Blessing to wear, I received it about 14 months ago and in an instant when I first put it on, I noticed a piercing, yet gentle light opening my third eye, all around me silence fell, a deep eternal silence, followed by an intuitive knowing that hasn’t left me since. It’s as though all is clarified, made simple and benign.
The Energy of this ring is so alive, vibrant and at the same time totally reassuring- I cannot even imagine ever being without it!
A blessing and Divine Gift -like a friend, ready to bring clarity whenever I tune into its mystery.

Belt of Orion Pendant
Unsay V Unsay
Belt of Orion pendant

This beautiful energy allows me to be lifted to the higher mind perspective however what's unusual is the feeling of stability in that ,there is a feeling of groundedness at the same time. Really quite extraordinary.

Open Face Pendant
Solar Chapel
A key for all

I have had my Open Face pendant for many years. I always feel its call to be completely open faced and open hearted, - it was said to me once that this is one of 3 essential pendants for men to have. But it is also for everyone. Holding a space open for being intimate, open and vulnerable with all.

A magical guide!

I love my Marjorie Door empowered pendulum! I have had it for years and years, and will use it whenever I need guidance or clarity. What I love the most is that when I use the Marjorie Door, I can feel the "yes" or "no" response in my body - it magnifies my intuitive connection and helps me feel my way through difficult moments.
The other day, I was able to locate something of great value for a friend who had misplaced it, just by asking Marjorie Door of its whereabouts. We were led directly to the "lost" item with a big, swinging "yes" response that was undeniable!
A truly magical guide.

The most special piece of jewellery I own

This is everything I wanted & more, I've always had such a special connection to the sea & now I have it wrapped around my neck. I will wear it & pass it on for generations to come, it's so special to me & the energy it holds makes me feel so in touch with my inner beauty.

Maha Pendant
Cat Moore
Never felt so protected.

WOW! I purchased this 3 months ago to help with my protection and increase my positive energies. I've been wearing this everyday, to my classes and for my morning swims. Would highly recommend

Finding Peace

Call it luck, call it placebo, or call it manifestation but ever since putting this necklace on I've been so lucky in life.

Enjoyed a great holiday recently by the ocean and everything just went so smoothly and even the little mishaps did not impact my mood.

Love that I can wear it in and out of the ocean because it's 9ct gold and love the intention behind the necklace.

The BEST thing I've ever recieved

I nearly cried when this was delivered, it's so beautiful. I have been wearing for the last 2 weeks and love it. I go swimming, exercising and everything and it looks good as new. Beautiful quality.


The design and handcraft of this jewellery piece is sublime. Never seen anything like it. The size surprised me, it was bigger than I thought.
I have used this pendant for more than a year now and have noticed the change in my capability of being in service to the people that surround me, specially because that service is in love!

Life changing!

When I received the energy of this pendant I felt an explosion in the middle of my body. As is something got released. It wasn't until a few days later that I started to feel the effects on me... I noticed that in very particular moments where I would have doubted of love, that doubt wasn't there. I was able to observe the situation and feel the blessing of this current.
I also like its a pendulum, so I can use it for decision making.

Nourishing the heart

This piece, this ally, will reveal much more. For now in the last weeks, I’ve felt a deep nourishing of my heart all the way back to the beginning of time. A clearing of what’s not Truth or Love. I feel an ancient stability arising. And quite frankly, it’s hard to put into words what I experienced so far. But I’m grateful to have this ally for life or for how many seasons we’ll be together.

Infinite joy!

This pendant has been a total wonder! I feel its energy as very uplifting to the heart, and relaxing for the mind. Whenever I hold onto it, or drink it by tapping my water, I am instantly relieved of stress and concern, and am able to connect with infinite joy! I have collected quite a few of the Dendera Jewellery pieces over the years and can say that they are truly life-positive and life-changing!

Thank you for your review! We are so pleased that you are enjoying your latest purchase. xx Dendera


Such a stunning pendant! I feel my entire being radiates so much light when I wear and drink the imbuement of this piece. Total support for my daily life. As a jewellery item it is crafted with such attention to detail and it is made in Australia!! A class product, does what it says on the pack, I would highly recommend starting a collection of these life changing pendants

Thank you for your review! Maha is one our our Introductory pendants and best-sellers, as well as a staff favourite. Glad to hear you are enjoying your new piece. xx Dendera